How To Join

How Do I Join the Hawaii Karatedo Dojo?


Thank you for your interest in the Hawaii Karatedo. We offer a safe, balanced and fun activity that promotes development of physical fitness and character.

I have enclosed some basic information about our dojo including a schedule of classes and fees and a map of the dojo. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 360-252-5987 or

I look forward to seeing you at the dojo.


Hawaii Karatedo

Five Steps to Joining the Minakami Dojo:

1. Beginner’s Class
You will need to enroll in one of our $30 three-week beginners courses, offered each month. This is a minimal commitment which allows you to get a taste of karate. You will be introduced to the basic techniques and components of Hawaii Karatedo, including basic techniques (kihon), forms (kata) and sparring (kumite).

2. Membership and Uniform
It is time for you to become a member of the Hawaii Karatedo Dojo. Each student must submit an annual $36 membership fee. New students will receive a karate uniform and a record book. The karate uniform will make you feel part of our dojo.

3. Safety Equipment
We pad our head, feet, shins and hands and require a mouth piece for fighting. Safety equipment is mandatory for all students within 30 days of enrollment. Each student must purchase their own equipment. Please label gear with your name and bring it with you to each lesson.

4. School Patch
The school patch instills a sense of pride and provides our students with uniformity. It is a symbol of your school, instructors, and your dedication to the martial art of karate. The Hawaii Karatedo patch costs $10.

5. Monthly Dues
We offer a number of venues, training times and payment schedules as listed on the TUITION & FEES and CLASS SCHEDULE pages.